NEWWW is an international networking platform for businesswomen aiming to create and maintain business relationships.


NEWWW serves as:

  • A business exchange of experience and information;
  • An active network to facilitate business connections through social media and person-to-person meetings;
  • A platform to connect with business professionals to assist in building durable business ties.


NEWWW targets businesswomen and entrepreneurs interested in developing their businesses abroad:

  • who are already active internationally and who want to develop new contacts;
  • who are having their first experience in international development;
  • who wish to enrich their professional experience by taking part in a dialogue among businesswomen working globally.

27, 28 and 29 October

Munich and the greater metropolitan area rank as one of Europe’s most dynamic and prosperous business regions. The city is world famous not only for its Oktoberfest, but for its strong economic development, backed by a number of corporates like BMW, Knorr-Bremse, Osram and Siemens. Overall, Munich’s economic base is solidly diversified. A very strong service sector is the base for growth in Munich, backed by a dynamic trade, transport and tourism industry and the growing media and IT sector. The high-tech industry – automotive, aerospace and information and communication technology – play a significant role in the region. Moreover, Munich is a leading location for biotech, medical engineering and environmental technology.

Follow NEWWW to consult Trade Mission Program for Munich 2016.


It is with immense pleasure that I speak to you for the first time as president of NEWWW – International. NEWWW has accomplished a lot since its launch in 2006 under the capable chairmanship of two excellent presidents, Christine Chauvet of Paris, France and Emel Efe Goksel of Istanbul,Turkey.

Ten years later and 10 trade missions under our belt - Istanbul (2012), Paris (2012), Miami (2012), Quebec (2013), Geneva (2013), Easton (2014), Istanbul (2014), Bordeaux (2015) London (2015) and Québec City (April 2016) - today the organization has an identity, a Web presence, a membership of more than 45 members spanning four continents, experience in event organization and an active and engaged Board of directors. The foundations are in place to experience another period of growth.

Why have I taken on this challenge? NEWWW’s mission speaks particularly to concerns and interests that have marked my career of 35 years as a businesswoman: entrepreneurship, communication, networking, languages, international trade and the empowerment of women.

The NEWWW development plan for 2017-2018 is ambitious. We will increase our Web presence with a new, mobile friendly platform for the NEWWW Web site. A discussion forum on our LinkedIn page will be added, where members can express themselves on topics that affect us all regardless of or geographical locations. Webinars on topics concerning entrepreneurship will also be introduced.

Our membership strategy will include “group” adhesions allowing us to partner with established Business Women’s organisations worldwide making networking more targeted.

We will also foster partnerships through concrete “case” projects encouraging project collaborations between members. If you are searching for a supplier in China, a lawyer in Istanbul, a distributer for your fashion creations in Paris or an Art Gallery owner in the US, NEWWW will be able to refer you quickly and easily.

NEWWW’s Trade Missions will remain the cornerstone of our organisation offering great opportunities both economically and culturally. Each mission allows us to meet businesswomen, visit their establishments, learn about doing business in their country and enjoy the pleasures of a unique cultural experience.

Join us in Munich in October 2016 to experience this for yourself.

In this era of global turmoil, let me express my belief in the power of an international network like NEWWW. Friendships, both professional and personal, that develop among members help to sustain us through difficult times. When many countries and are closing their borders, let us continue to communicate and collaborate with one another, building a better future for our communities.

Diane Ippersiel


Past events
Economic Mission 2016
The Network of Entrepreneurial Women Worldwide had dinner with a number of Talbot County businesswomen Thursday, May 8, at the Tidewater Inn in Easton. Businesswomen from Quebec, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, France and Turkey traveled to Easton to participate in NEWWW’s bi-annual networking meeting that was held in Talbot County.

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